To raise much need funds we hold regular fundraising events as we have commitments to many animals and are always looking to extending our neutering and feeding schemes.

The rate at which animals can produce litters is quite staggering, one female dog can produce 2 litters of 6-10 puppies per year, if all these dogs remain un-neutered, then one female and her offspring could produce 67,000 dogs in 6 years, yes that's 67,000!!

Its the same for cats in 5 years its 11,801!

This is why neutering is the key to a healthy and controlled number of street animals!

We have been neutering as many street dogs and cats as possible and returning them to the village. 

Who we are and what we do:-

You can also become a business or private sponsor of ACU for 20tl per month (£4.60)


The local Muhtar and Mayor are also aware of the problems these animals face and we are therefore working with the Turkish authorities, as they would like to create a nature park for dogs in the forest and stop high numbers roaming in the village itself!

Information for Holiday Makers

To many holidaymakers who visit this beautiful part of Turkey, the large number of cats and dogs roaming the area can come as a shock! For those of us who live here, their existence is a fact of Turkish life! indeed, Turkish law states that they have the right to be there!

However, we know many of you would like to help and this can be done in a few ways, adoption, sponors or donations

For Advice please either post on our Facebook page or email us from the form below.

we have over 500 members so someone will be able to help.

In an emergency in Uzumlu overnight or early morning please contact Lara Vet on 0090 5324951900

For complaints about mistreated animals or aggressive animals please contact the Zabita 153 .

The animal shelter is generally always very full and often will only accept sick or injured dogs!

Under Turkish Law (rule 5199) dogs and cats have a right to live on the streets as long as they are not aggressive. ACU feeds these animals and monitors their health!

Animal Care Uzumlu

For pets adopted abroad ACU can only point you in the direction of companies who can help with travel arrangements, we cannot fund journeys!

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